The President of the Republic, Sh.T.Z. Ilir Meta, received today the Head of the High State Audit, Mr. Arben Shehu


The President of the Republic in this first official meeting, wished success to Mr. Shehu for his election by the Albanian Parliament as the Chairman of ALSAI, one of the most important independent constitutional institutions of the country.


In his speech, President Meta said that: “The Supreme State Audit is the highest constitutional institution of economic and financial control and the activity of this institution among other things,  should serve in increasing the responsibility of every public institution in the management of public property, without any distinction, starting from the Institution of the President of the Republic ”.

President Meta emphasized that the Supreme State Audit should function independently and politically uninfluenced by submitting only to the Constitution and applicable laws.

The Chairman of ALSAI, Mr. Arben Shehu, expressed his gratitude to President Meta for the reception he reserved and trust in him, guaranteeing at the same time for the exercise with transparency, professionalism, high responsibility and depoliticized of his duties as Chairman of ALSAI.