The ALSAI and the Turkish Court of Accounts Signed a Cooperation Agreement in Ankara

marrveshja klsh turqiThe ALSAI Chairman, Mr. Bujar Leskaj and his fellow homologue of the Turkish Court of Accounts, Dr.Recai Akyel, have signed on November 16, 2012 a Cooperation Agreement.

This Agreement has been drafted in accordance with the basic principles of mutual respect, trust and bilateral cooperation of the INTOSAI and EUROSAI standards, under the motto “Experientia mutua omnibus prodest”. Furthermore, in the Lima Declaration it is strongly emphasized that the international exchange of information and expertise is the best way to help the Supreme Audit Institutions to carry out their constitutional duties.

This particular Agreement has a significant meaning for the ALSAI, since the Turkish Court of Accounts is one of the most developed audit institutions in Europe.

Amongst other things, this Agreement provides for mutual support on financial, compliance and performance audit, as well as on the certification of financial statements.

On December 2012, a group of 15 ALSAI auditors will be trained on performance audit in Ankara at the Turkish Court of Accounts,. There will also be a series of trainings in Turkey during all 2013.