The 63rd meeting of the INTOSAI Governing Board

logo-intosaiThe 63rd meeting of the INTOSAI Governing Board was held from 20 to 21 November 2012 in Chengdu China. In this meeting there were present 81 participants from 31 different countries such as, the SAIs of South Africa, China, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Bahamas, Cote d'Ivoire, Ecuador, Hungary, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States of America and Venezuela.
There were also present representatives of seven regional groups of INTOSAI who reported about specific topics at regional level; CAROSAI - Bahamas; OLACEFS - Panama; AFROSAI - Cameroon; ASOSAI - Korea; PASAI - New Zealand; ARABOSAI - Saudi Arabia; EUROSAI - Spain. Other representatives of SAI's reported before the Board about the achievements of the Working Groups, Committees, Sub Committees, and Task Force Projects that they are included in.
During this meeting, the following results were achieved:
•Endorsement of the Rules of Procedures for the XXI INCOSAI to be held in Beijing, China, from October 22 - 27, 2013.
•Decision on the Beijing Declaration to be adopted by the XXI INCOSAI as the single final congress document.