Scientific Conference

1st Annual Scientific Conference

The ALSAI conducts its first Annual Scientific Conference
On December 28th, 2012, the ALSAI organized the first Annual Scientific Conference whose topic was: “87 years of the ALSAI during the 100 years of the Albanian State”. This was the first conference of its kind for our institution, in which it was discussed about the history and the work of all persons who have contributed to its rise and progress in different periods of time.

2nd Annual Scientific Conference  


The Second Scientific Conference, 12‐13 December 2013

The III-rd Scientific Conference of ALSAI

“National Audit serving National Governance”, October 29th - 30th 2014This activity is the 3nd ALSAI Scientific Conference. In December 2012 was held the 1st ALSAI Scientific Conference on Public External Audit, through which the ALSAI created the best tradition of institutional assessment of its activities and the work of each individual. This positive tradition settled in 2012 was followed by the 2nd ALSAI Scientific Conference, held in December 12th-13th 2013, entitled “The Role of the SAIs in contributing to the Current Challenges of an Accountable Public Management”.