Integration of gender equality, research in finance and gender budgeting policies between ALSAI and "UN Women"


On Wednesday, October 14, 2020, the Chairman of ALSAI, Mr. Arben Shehu held a meeting with the Representative of "UN Women" in Albania, Mr. Michele Ribotta. Through the “Transformational Funding for Gender Equality in the Western Balkans” program, “UN Women” is pursuing funding efforts related to gender equality in the region, providing personalized technical assistance and guidance to government and oversight institutions by improving their institutional capacity and knowledge.

In this context for the presentation of this program, the Representative of "UN Women" in Albania, Mr. Ribotta recognized the Chairman of ALSAI, Mr. Shehu with the regional initiative in support of the Balkan countries to make progress in integrating gender equality towards policy-making and budgeting at a local and national level.

The new program is designed to support Albania with the overall objective of strengthening the systematic integration of gender equality.

"The transformational financing approach of this project will serve as an enabling factor for funding policies and actions to accelerate the implementation of existing national and international commitments," said Mr. Ribotta.

The Chairman of ALSAI expressed the will for effective cooperation with "UN Women" Albania and emphasized that "ALSAI will have a special focus on effective monitoring of the performance of the budget program according to financial and non-financial indicators in terms of gender equality." It was emphasized at the meeting that the Program will serve as a bridge between policies and budgets and will improve budget monitoringbased on the performance.

The Program also assists the ALSAI institution to conduct a better audit based on the performance. Assistance will be provided through training, international expertise in gender auditingbased on the performance, mentoring, and obtaining best practices from Europe.

In the meeting, the Chairman of ALSAI was accompanied by the Director of the Cabinet, Mrs. Borjana Shaka, and the Media Advisor, Mr. Erion Habilaj. “The UN Women” representative was accompanied by Mrs. Ivona Paunevic Bisevac and Mrs. Estela Bulku.

Mrs. Shaka and Mrs. Bulku will be the following contact persons in the concretization of a cooperation agreement between ALSAI and "UN Women".