Institutional cooperation, ALSAI-SIS exchange of information in order to fight corruption


The fight against corruption remains a sensitive issue in our country. Citizens demand from the institutions a quick and efficient response.

In order to shed light on this problem and to clarify sensitive issues, the Chairman of the Supreme State Audit Mr. Arben SHEHU and the Director of the State Intelligence Service, Mr. Helidon BENDO held a meeting today at the premises of the General Directorate of SIS.

This meeting is the first step of an institutional cooperation between two important institutions in the country.

The two leaders expressed the maximum will for cooperation and coordination of work, in order to fight corruption.

ALSAI for professional audits and SHISH in providing information on abusive cases, both to ALSAI employees and in other cases in the administration.

Shehu and Bendo expressed confidence that the concrete results of this meeting will be in the very near future.