IDI and EUROSAI Workshop on the "3i Management: the Implementation of ISSAI Standards"

idilogoOn the 11th - 13th of march 2013, in Bosnia Herzegovina was held the IDI and EUROSAI workshop on the "3i Management: the Implementation of ISSAI Standards". Supreme Audit Institutions of the region were presented at the top management level. Besides our SAIs representatives other countries of the region such as, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Turkey and Kosovo were present at this event.
Major representatives of other important international organizations such as OECD, SIGMA and SIGMA were invited as observers.

idi foto grupi

IDI has developed a program called "3i", which means ISSAI Implementation Initiative. According to this program, IDI member countries, such as Albania, engage themselves to design strategies that provide not only the adoption of standards but, above all aim to realize a compatible implementation of these standards.
In this context, the participating countries have signed an Engagement Agreement with representatives of the IDI and EUROSAI for the 3i Program on the Implementation Initiative of ISSAIs. This agreement implies a triangular relationship between the signing SAI, the IDI and EUROSAI on the implementation of ISSAIs. This relationship occurs an a national level through the development and adoption of the Strategy for Implementation.
Commitments under the agreement, on an ALSAI point of view, include:

1. Definition of the role and responsibilities of the moderators (to April 2013), who will guide the process of implementation of the ISSAIs on the national level (for those countries that have assigned moderators).
2. Conduction of compliance assessments of ISSAIs, thanks to the ISSAIs moderator assistance til the end of December 2013.
3. The drafting of an Implementation Strategy of ISSAIs, or revising the existing strategy (if there is any strategy whatsoever) including ICAT's findings and the drafting of an Action Plan for the Implementation of the Strategy by March 2014.
4. Monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the implementation of ISSAI each year as part of the regular annual reporting on the performance of activities of the SAI.