For further deepening of the cooperation between the institution of ALSAI and SPAK.


The Chairmaqn of ALSAI Mr. Arben SHEHU and the Head of the Special Prosecution (SPAK), Mr. Arben KRAJA, held a meeting today at the premises of the SPAK.

This meeting is conducted following the spirit of cooperation between the two institutions, namely the contribution of the Supreme State Audit, for Professional Audits and referral for prosecution in the SPAK, of cases where violations of the law are found.

Given the sensitivity of public opinion to fight corruption, in order to increase the cooperation of our institutions, in areas of common interest, strengthen the role and increase the impact of activity for each of the institutions, in preventing corruption and abuses by public administration , it is considered extremely important to coordinate the activities of our institutions through a cooperation agreement.

The cooperation agreement, which will be concretized with its forthcoming signing, will be a concrete step in increasing the institutional contributions in the fight against corruption.