Call for abstracts Conference of Young Auditors of ALSAI - “Young ALSAI 2019”


Aiming to orient the next generation of auditors to the continuation of a culture of learning from expertise and preparing for the challenges ahead, the State Supreme Audit Office will organize the 2nd Scientific Conference for Young Auditors, on 21st – 23rd  October, in Tirana.

T he aim of the Conference is to address key public audit issues in the context of ongoing changes towards Albania's European integration. The conference will focus on discussing the role and function of the structures involved in the public financial management system inside the country, as well as on the sound administration of EU assistance for the pre- and post-accession period, in protection of the EU financial interests.

T he conference will address the following main topic:

"Public Audit Challenges in the Context of Albania's EU Membership"

Analyzes and debates will focus on subtopics such as:

• External public audit in EU countries
Regulations and directives related to the audit of assistance funds and the approximation of   legislation with the acquis - communaitaire;
• Assistance Management Systems. Framework agreements including: structures, roles, rules of operation;
• IPA - as an instrument of EU financial support for countries aspiring for integration;

• Risk analysis in auditing EU assistance funds;
• Challenges of auditing projects in defense of donors interests;
• Accountability in EU funded projects and / or other donors;
• Audit approach and types of audit for IPA funds;
• ECA and audit of funding programs;
• Framework Agreements for IPA I and IPA II Programs between the EU and the Republic of Albania;
• Project risk assessment;

ALSAI welcomes the expression of interest from young auditing experts, specialists in economics, legislation (from public, academic, university or professional associations) and young auditors from the Supreme Audit Institutions of member countries of EUROSAI, related to the topics cited above, which we consider to be a valuable contribution to the Conference and the interest groups.

I.Co nference Leaders:

 1 . Chairman of ALSAI

  2. D r. Rinald Muca, Director of the Performance Audit Department, ALSAI

  3.  Joop Vrolijk, SIGMA and EUROSAI Expert

  4.   G rzegorz Haber, Director of the Department of Foreign Relations, SAI of Poland

  II.  The Scientific Committee of the Conference will include the following professors:

• Prof. Dr. Jorgji Bollano
• Prof. Dr. Omer Stringa
• Prof. Dr. Anastas Angjeli
• Dr. Florion Mima
• Prof. Dr. Vjollca Karapici
• Prof. Dr. Sherif Bundo
• Prof. As.Dr. Sazan Guri
• Prof. Dr. Tonin Kola
• Prof. Dr. Hysen Çela
• Prof. Dr. Aurela Anastasi
• Prof. As.Dr. Adriatik Kotorri
• Alastair Swarbrick, SIGMA Senior Officer
• Representatives of DG Budget, DG NEAR and REGIO, European Commission,

III. The organizing committee of the Conference is as follows:

• MPA Albana Gjinopulli CIPFA
• Msc Irena Islami
• Msc Qeram Cibaku
• Msc. Elira Elezi
• Msc Aldo Kita
• Msc. Delor Prosi

Additional information

T he conference will take place in Tirana, on 21 - 23 October 2019.

Conference attendance is free of charge.

Topics and discussions will be in English.

Materials that meet the required standards will be published by ALSAI in a special issue.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is September 30, 2019.

Further communication regarding the Conference for all interested parties can be obtained at: and