Assistance of the US Embassy in assisting the work of Supreme State Audit


Today in the premises of the Supreme State Audit took place the joint meeting between the chairman of ALSAI, Mr. Arben Shehu and the representative of OPDAT, Mr. Constantine V. Soupios.

The focus of the meeting was the importance of cooperation with the anti-corruption structure and international assistance in the work of the Supreme State Audit.

The fight against corruption is everyone's battle, therefore importance was given to the continuous communication between institutions such as ALSAI, the Special Prosecutor, the National Bureau of Investigation in the framework of anti-corruption cooperation.

The representative of OPDAT expressed the willingness to assist ALSAI in the context of increasing professionalism through joint training.

The Chairman of the Supreme State Audit, Mr. Arben Shehu expressed his gratitude for the continuous US assistance in the process of reforming the justice system and assistance in the fight against corruption.

Also, Mr. Shehu expressed the willingness to cooperate with the OPDAT office by creating bridges of communication between all institutions that are at the forefront in the fight against corruption.