Albanian SAI Participates in the Organizational Meeting on Plastic Waste Management Cooperative Audit, held in Krakow, December 10th-11th 2019


The Organizational Meeting on the Plastic Waste Management cooperative audit was held, in Krakow, Poland On December 10th-11th.

Fourteen SAIs have already expressed their wish to be part of this cooperative audit, the Polish SAI, which is the project leader, The European Court of Auditors, the Albanian SAI, the Bulgarian SAI, the Czech Republic SAI, SAI of Estonia, SAI of Malta, the Hungarian SAI, SAI of Moldova, SAI of Portugal, SAI of Romania, SAI of Serbia, SAI of Slovakia and SAI of the Netherlands.

The SAI of Netherlands has already finished the audit, while the Europian Court of Auditors has already started it. Meanwhile the Czech Republic SAI will start the audit next year in the 2021. All the other SAIs will conduct the audit in the year 2020. Part of this meeting was also the SAI of Finland, which will not be part of the cooperative audit but will assist throughout the whole process of this joint project.

During the first day of the meeting, there were two presentations from the SAI of Netherlands on their audit findings as well as ECA on data collected until the given phase of the audit on plastic waste management. These presentations were intended to help other SAIs develop prior ideas on their work ahead.

The Polish SAI then, presented the audit scope and directions, which are as follows:

The audit main question: Have the relevant public authorities (state and/or self-government administration) developed policy (plans, strategies) and implemented measures aiming at achieving goals (adopted in this policy) regarding plastic waste management?

Audit Aspect No.1: Has the country adopted legal regulations and organizational arrangements concerning plastic waste treatment?

Audit Aspect No.2: Has any policy (plans, strategies) been applied in order to implement proper plastic waste management and improve the efficiency of using available resources?

Audit Aspect No.3: Are the results of implemented measures concerning plastic waste treatment monitored and what effects have been achieved in the context of established goals in that field?

On the second day of the meeting all the participants agreed on the Memorandum of Understanding content. After the memorandum being composed according to the suggestions made during the meeting, it will be distributed and then signed by all participating SAIs in the joint audit.

The cooperative audit will be conducted during the year 2020 by the SAIs with the aim to be published in the year 2021.

The representatives of the Albanian SAI in this meeting were Mr. Kozma Kondakçiu, IT Departament Director, Mrs. Mimoza Lloji, Senior Auditor and Mrs. Keida Muça, Auditor.

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