ALSAI signed a cooperation agreement with HIDCACI

On October 26, 2018, a cooperation agreement was signed between ALSAI and the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Control of Assets and Conflict of Interest, represented by Mr. Z. Bujar Leskaj and Mr. Shkëlqim Ganaj.  Mr. Leskaj declared that the aim of this agreement is the further deepening of a multi-year cooperation that has served to increase the transparency and accountability of public institutions and their leaders and uncompromising fight against corruption. The agreement formalizes the involvement of HIDCACI inspectors in the ALSAI audit teams and synergies of training programs on topics of common interest. HIDCACI inspectors' expertise will be an added value for the work of the audit teams which have identified and continue to identify cases of using public money to identify conflicts of interest involving senior officers. Mr. Leskaj expressed his highest appreciation for the HIDCACI activity pointing out that this institution has intensified the fight against corruption in the last 3 years.


marveshje ildkpi

Mr. Ganaj praised the uncompromising approach of the ALSAI to identify any case of misuse of public funds. He stressed the fact that the radical change that ALSAI experienced in recent years is evident and the public already perceives it as a serious institution working to fulfill its constitutional mission. The co-operation agreement signed between the two institutions is a complement to the agreement signed in 2012. This agreement is also signed in the framework of the implementation of the EC Progress Report recommendations regarding the joint training of the two institutions, referring to issues related to conflict of interest during the procurement procedures for which ALSAI has drafted an action plan. The signing of the agreement comes also in the framework of the Open Month organized by ALSAI during October 25 – December 14.