ALSAI participates in the third EUROSAI-ASOSAI Joint Conference


The third joint conference of two important organizations of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI-s): EUROSAI and ASOSAI, was held on March 10-14, 2019 in Jerusalem. This activity was attended by 42 SAI-s from Europe and Asia and gathered around 130 participants. ALSAI was represented in this activity by Mrs. Manjola Naço, General Director and Mrs. Irena Islami, Director of the Directorate of Communication, Publications and Foreign Relations.

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The main topic of this conference was addressing emergency issues and situations because we live in a time when such issues often affect our lives, our nations, and our societies. This third EUROSAI - ASOSAI conference joined this tendency and addressed these important sub-themes:

·      Emergency situations: preparation for dealing with natyral disasters ( earthquakes, fires, tsunamis etc.); the management of the disasters; terrorist attacks; cyber security; etc.

·      Issues related to emergencies: addressing the callenges related to emigration; population aging; pensions; sustainable development, digitalization, Big Data, etc,.

During these plenary sessions and special sessions, these topics were widely addressed by leaders and representatives of SAI-s, as well as by university professors and representatives of civil society. Were of particular importance the topics that addressed Big Data issues, real-time audit of emergency situations, how to increase the contribution of SAI-s to sustainable development, how are prepared different states to cope with natural catastrophes, the role of SAI-s in achieving national objectives, managing emergency situations, addressing to aging populations and managing pensions, managing ethics issues in the digital world, etc.

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Very interesting was a particular session related to the handling of cyberattack audit issues, which are related with the prevention, detection and immediate response to these attacks. Cybernetics is currently a very important subject and these attacks are constantly increasing and are therefore subject to new policies being undertaken by different states. There are very few audits in this subject-matter, so SAI-s need to react very quickly and analyze new policies, identify risks, provide solutions and build the necessary human capacities in this new audit area. The speech by Professor Eviatar Matania of Tel Aviv University and School Director on the security studies was very practical and participants followed with interest, asking questions and discussing. Cybernetic-related issues had a hands-on approach during the visit in Israel's "Ben Gurion" airport.

This airport has a very good reputation in the field of security, operations, cyber security and commercial management.

Participants in this conference had the opportunity to visit the largest plant in the world of desalting the seawater, located a few miles from Jerusalem. This plant is the most significant example of the new industry of desalting the seawater. This plant "produces" water for 1.5 million people, fullfilling 20% of drinking water demand in Israel, while also working towards environmental conservation, minimizing the impact on the ecosystem