ALSAI gets Support of the Turkish Court of Accounts

Upon an invitation of Dr. Recai Akyel, the President of the Turkish Court of Accounts, an ALSAI delegation headed by the Chairman, Dr. Bujar Leskaj, participated at the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of this Court in Ankara. The ceremony was held on May 29-30, 2012. Part of the ALSAI delegation were also Mr. Rober Gjini, General Director, Mrs. Zyra Kepi and Mr. Rustem Tare, two of the most experienced auditors. 










The Albanian delegation at the jubilee session of the 150th Anniversary of the Turkish Court of Accounts

The Turkish President of the Court of Accounts expressed the will to support our institution in the future. He also expressed the interest to sign a Cooperation Agreement with the ALSAI. According to this understanding, auditors from the ALSAI will be trained at the Training Centre of the Court of Accounts on the certification of financial statements, on the financial audit, on IT audit and etc.During the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Turkish Court of Accounts, Mr. Leskaj established a fructuous bilateral relationship with his Croatian homologue, Mr. Ivan Kleshiç, Auditor General of the State Audit Office of the Republic of Croatia. Both parts agreed that a Croatian delegation, headed by Mr. Ivan Kleshiç, will visit Albania and on this occasion a Cooperation Agreement will be signed between the two institutions. At the plenary session held on May 30th, the Albanian delegation participated actively in the discussions between representatives of the highest supreme audit institutions. Mr. Terence Nombembe, the President of INTOSAI, praised the Albanian suggestion for a broader public discussion in the respective countries of the Resolution of 22 December 2011 of the United Nations General Assembly on value and support public supreme audit institutions. He recommended that the suggested discussion is to take place between INTOSAI's regional structures.








 INTOSAI President, Mr. Terence Nombembe and the Albanian auditor Mr. Rustem Tare