ALSAI auditors sharing experiences on the activities organised abroad during 2019


On January 10, 2020 ALSAI organized a meeting where auditors shared their experiences on training sessions or activities organized abroad. This meeting was organized in the premises of the Academy of Sciences.

The meeting was attended by all SAI leaders and auditors and the panel was chaired by the Director General, Mrs. Lindita Milo; The Secretary General, Mrs. Luljeta Nano, and the Director of the Directorate of Communication, Publication and External Relations, Mrs. Irena Islami.

The meeting was opened by Mrs. Islami whom emphasized that one of the main activities of the Directorate of Communication, Publication and External Relations is the organization of domestic and abroad activities in cooperation with INTOSAI, EUROSAI, SAIs and other counterpart institutions. The purpose of these activities is to further prepare the SAI auditors in order to better serve the citizens, based on the philosophy of INTOSAI, which is best summarized in the motto of this organization: “Experientia mutua omnibus prodest”.

During 2019, 82 State Supreme Audit auditors participated in 44 activities conducted abroad and attended a total of 258 training days. These trainings were attended by both experienced and newly recruited auditors in the institution.

ALSAI participated in important activities such as congresses, scientific and regional conferences, seminars, training events, workshops, etc. The most important activity of 2019 has been the INTOSAI XXIII Congress held in Moscow on September 23-27, 2019. A full overview of this activity was provided by the Director General, Mrs. Manjola Naço, who started her speech with a very important event during this Congress which was the acceptance of the National Audit Office of Kosovo (NAO) as a member of INTOSAI. The voting process was conducted during the adoption of the INTOSAI Secretariat Report at the Plenary Session on September 25, 2019. The Congress voted in favor of this report, finally confirming the NAO's membership in INTOSAI as of January 1, 2020. After that Mrs. Naço focused her discussing on two important topics that the Congress addressed:

• Information Technology and its role in the development of public administration;

• Role of SAIs in Sustainable Development Goals;

On September 27, the Congress adopted the Moscow Declaration, whose objectives were clearly identified during the referendum.

During the meeting, 37 auditors discussed about their experiences. A large number of these activities have been carried out within the INTOSAI and EUROSAI Working Groups, among which we can mention: the IT Working Group; Disaster Working Group; Environmental Audit Working Group; Audit and Ethics Working Group; Municipal Audit Working Group, Audit and Ethics Task Force, etc. GAO fellowships and ECA internships had a special space during this meeting because they made a special contribution to the modernization of audit activity and the training of ALSAI auditors. So far, 20 auditors have been part of ECA structures for a period of 5 months and three others are about to begin this internship in March 2020. The internship conceived as a process of knowledge acquisition through training and involvement in ECA audit teams has enabled the SAI auditors to become familiar with the entire audit process and the various techniques used to collect and analyze data.

The successful collaboration with the US Government Audit Office which started since 2012 has continued through 2019. So far 6 auditors have completed a 4 month fellowship with this office and another auditor will begin this fellowship in March 2020.

Among the other important activities we can also mention: the EUROSAI-ASOSAI Conference in Israel, the Istanbul Scientific Conference on "Latest Approaches to Measuring Audit Added Value and Challenges", the EU Subcommittee on Economic Affairs, finance and statistics in Brussels, the Bucharest Conference organized by the Romanian SAI within the framework of the Romanian EU Presidency, the meeting of the EU SAIs Contact Committee held in Warsaw, etc.

During 2019 the largest number of the activities attended by ALSAI was related to IT and environmental audits, which are the emerging trends of SAIs worldwide.

The human resources and the auditors, remains the most important and valuable asset for the SAI. For this reason, also in its Development Strategy 2018-2022, ALSAI gives a special emphasis to the staff training events, considering that success in fulfilling the mission and achieving the objectives of the institution depends significantly on the development of a competent, well-trained and professional audit staff.