ALSAI attends the 7th International Training on Environment Audit in Jaipur, India


On 25.11.2019 - 7.12.2019 the 7th International Conference was held on Management of Environment Audit by International Centre for Environment Audit and Sustainable Development (iCED) in Jaipur, India. There were Supreme Audit Institutions representatives from 16 different countries, such as Albania, Romania, Finland, Zambia, Ghana, Sudan, Fiji, Egypt, the Maldives, Vietnam, Kuwait, Vanuatu, Bhutan, Tanzania, India, as well as the European Court of Auditors. The opening speech was held by Mr.A.W.K Langstieh vc/President of India SAI, Mr. Manish Kumar, iCED’s General Director and Mr. Pushkar Kumar, Research and Training Director of SAI. Albania’s Supreme Audit Institution was represented by Mr. Aulent Guri, head audit in the Performance Department. Essential theoretical concepts were the discussion of the training and how these concepts were put into practice in all above countries by sharing experience of each auditor. Highly experienced auditors from different SAIs brought into their presentations most important and impressive audits developed in their countries in which they reported their main environmental problems.  

The training’s aim was to inform the participants on environmental issues, including the seection of suitable issues for audit, developing the audit methodology, right criteria as well as proposing proper recommendations. 

First training day was focused on the definition of ‘Environment Audit’, Objectives of Sustainable Development and SAI’s cooperation with INTOSAI WGEA (Working Group on Environment Auditing). INTOSAI WGEA aims to assist Supreme Audit Institutions in acquiring certain cases related to environment audit, easing shared experiences between institutions by publishing a ‘Summary” of all the reports that the SAIs have realised and drafting guided and informative materials. INTOSAI WGEA’s first two published papers were ‘Natural Resources Audit’ in 1998 and ‘How can SAIs cooperate’. Indonesian auditors, whose SAI has lead INTOSAI WGEA in past recent years, highlighted some of the cases with environmental issues published by INTOSAI WGEA, in which it is included also the ALSAI audit with the topic ‘The Preservation and Protection of Prespa National Park‘.

The following days the discussion developed on other environmental problems like climate change, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, biodiversity, waste managment, water pollution and the importance of Reports of Environmental Impact Assessment on infrastructural projects. What was special about this training program is that in every session, the ‘trainees’ would exercise and interact not only by putting into practice what they’d learnt, but also drafting different parts of an audit  report with environmental perspectives. 

Another impressive topic mentioned by almost all the trainees in their references, was the one of cooperating audits, divided into 3 categories; “Joint Audit”, Co-ordinated Audit” and “Parallel Audit”. Amongst many discussions, Mr. Guri publicly shared ALSAI positive experience in parallel audits in the recent years, especially the ones with environmental perspective. Inspired by the motto “Experentia mutua omnibus prodest”, all participants were in synchrony of the importance that cooperating audits are added value to outside public audit. Also, ideas were presented about several collaborations and organizations between the participating states with common audits for common environmental issues. Training ended on 7th Dec, with a greeting and a thank you speech held by Mr. Venkatesh Mohan vc/President of Indian SAI, who then handed out the certificates for all the participants.